Sudden Impact Gear
Custom Leather Gear

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“Our goal is to make inexpensive, quality leather tools.
Every tool I make, I make as if it was going into my own personal tool box.
If I would not own it, I will not sell it.
I am always trying to improve this skill set, so if you have something you have seen and would like me to try and make it,
PLEASE let me know.
I LOVE a true challenge.”

~Master Alan~ (Owner & Craftsman)

Why do I make tools and gear for our scene?

     I found the scene in my teens overseas; the underground clubs were a life changing experience. My love for floggers started there, watching the senior tops dance with their bottoms was amazing, the skill, the finesse; it was a form of art. I had the privilege to be mentored by some of these ladies and gentleman and learned the dance.

     I realized early on the balance, the cut, the feel of the flogger in your hand is almost more important than the feel on the receiving end.

     Coming back to the states I spent more money on tools then I ever did on my transportation. About twenty years ago, I got tired of spending hard earned cash for tools and gear that broke or just did not perform as I wished. With that I started making my own.

     After a while my friends in the scene began asking me to make them a tool or two.
As I started making things for others, I started talking to everyone I knew in the scene. As I worked as a Monitor at many events, I watched others dance and the pros and cons of many of the scenes tools and furniture.

What did they look for in a high quality tool?
What materials did they prefer?
Why ?

I’ve listened, I’ve learned .. and I’m trying to apply.